Saturday, 14 August 2010

Vignettes revamped..

A lull before an array of blogs. Starting afresh after the hectic IPL season and a host of parties that I’ve been to, the revamped page of my blog will have exciting new deals for Mumbaikars by
Also the new look and feel of my blog (I love it more than anyone else..: P) will make it easier for you’ll to browse through the archives and pictures. A big shout out to my fellow bloggers Dhaval and Kunal for their blogging and SEO tips. Thanks a lot guys.

So on the eve of Indian Independence, I pledge that I'll blog regularly. (not that it'll add to the nation's significance ;-) )


  1. Ah.. Looks so much better! I'll be back to check on whether you keep that promise :)

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  2. Yeah kunal, trying to sqeeze in time. And thanks to mydala deals i ought to blog regularly :)

  3. Oye Chori no issues re and thanks for special mention i came to knw while doing a social network search for my name if u ever ever mention my name on any of your blog post you are welcome to email me ping me or post on mmy facebook post. Come to bombay fast superstar