Thursday, 5 August 2010

'CALL' it quits

I suffer from a chronic yet quirky problem of hating to talk on the phone. So much so that I start getting uneasy if the conversation extends the 15-20 min mark. Quite unlike other girls my age, who spend hours yapping on the phone, I tend to end conversations abruptly. Did try a lot to get over the habit but somehow couldnt. This weird habit of mine is now getting on to the nerves of those who try to contact me, my family, friends,acquaintances. So much so that they've even contemplated getting to know what this 'phobia' is termed as???

The mobile phone will celebrate its 15th birthday in India this year but I, much to other's dismay,  yearn for the days when they were only for the strong and the wealthy. Ironically, being a gadegt freak myself, I've got to admit I'm impressed by technology and services it has to offer with the advent of 3G.
But whats with the compulsion that makes the mobile owners use the damn thing day and night?
They are fast replacing clouds of cigarette smoke as public nuisance No. 1.  My hour long train commute to college and back home was the only 'alone time' I had to myself during the day, maybe hooked to a nice book or some soulful lyrics on my MP3. But now its impossible to enjoy those thoughtful moments without having to listen to a dozen one sided phone conversations of complete strangers. None is an urgent warning  to a loved one or a call that sheds invaluable insights on life. Sadly they are boring, devoid of any intrigue, usually packed with trivia everyone within  earshot must endure.
I do concede that mobile phones have saved ship wrecked sailors or hikers lost  in mountains or even ideal for finding a wandering partner. But they also blight lives. Tiger Woods and Terry would be at a better position as to how these very handy devices have wrecked their lives.What irks me the most about this device is the very essence of its invention (read make/receive calls on the go). Just hope i get over this syndrome someday. if not for myself atleast for those who call me up.

P.S. Texting ( note how the mobile changed the word 'text' from noun to verb)  the other feature which a phone offers is my addiction. I can go to any lengths texting a conversation than having one. Just realised I text faster than i talk


  1. seriously... !!!! I hate talking on the phone... and I seriously think its a bell round my neck... !!!!!!

    but texting... aaah... ts completely a different ball game !

  2. Couldnt agree more; i have the same phobia. Its ok as long as one doesnt have a have a bf/gf.

    I don't dialout calls for the fear of ending up speaking up for long durations, sadly few friends blame me for turning cold/insensitive

  3. U like cricket and U don't like talking on the phone for long, something that sets u apart from the other girls. Next time someone asks u what sets u apart, U have an answer!
    Way to go girl :)

  4. @kunal- hey thanks for idea.

    @harsha- 'its ok as long as one doesnt have a bf/gf' not really. i have defied that too.
    And yes even have faced harsh comments like being insensitive. but then i cant get over it somehow :(

    @hitchwriter- We are so alike in this regard. even i cant get myself out of text addiction.

  5. seriously, sometimes it gets on your nerves!

  6. hey the same here. . .i find myself laughing just for the sake of it if the person at the other end cracks a joke . . if it hs been a long conversation at that point of time ! around 20 mts is the max i can go blabbering . . i start getting irritated after that . . weird huh . . but yeah texting is awesome . . i havent even upgraded my mobile to a touch screen for the pure pleasure of typing down msgs on the keypad :)

  7. Glad to know that I have company Maliny :)