Tuesday, 23 February 2010

A Tale of two FFC's- Fanatics Fans Challenge & Frantic Family Capers

Last night while I was commenting on blog post on the Royal Challengers Bangalore site and having a quick look at my vote count at the Fanatic Fans Challenge (FFC), I wasn't slightly amused by what followed next.

Enter Dad- A RCB Loyalist
(anxious) "Hey weren't your FFC results supposed to be out today? Are you shortlisted?"

Enter Mom- A cricket hater
(fuming) "Both father-daughter duo aren't bothered about her BE results. When was the last time you checked the Mumbai University result page??"

Enter Sis (I'm doomed)- A Mumbai Indians supporter and killjoy for me
(sly grin) "Tell your RCB friends to have all the fun now, after the IPL I'm sure they'll hibernate."
 (I hate her for this)

Dad- Love you,dad. We'll definitely have a great time rooting for our team, just like we've been doing since the past two years. :P
Mom- Love you too. But please do bear with our madness. Its the IPL season,Ma. My results wont be affected. :)
Sis- Ah! Arrrgh! Its deja vu for us. Back to the days of 'not talking to each other' everytime RCB or MI wins. Its time for your Sachin vs my Jumbo-Jammy.


  1. hmm.. :D.. nice... u r lucky 2 b a part of such a family.. in my family no is bothered abt cricket.. :(

  2. MI & RCB supporter in the samehouse is something...Hope you guys dont pelt stones/remotes/glasses at each other

  3. @Prajwal- thanks. Most of them in my family, extended family are cricket crazy. Lucky me :)

    @Harsha- haha yeah. The 2 days when RCB and MI are pitted against each other, are worth watching. A battlefield..indeed. :P

  4. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :)