Tuesday, 9 February 2010

RCB and I...IPL 2009

From no hopers to party poopers, the previous seasons must have been a roller coaster of sorts for all RCB fans. I am no different.More than the inaugral season, IPL 2009 was a remarkable one for me. Of course, RCB's surge to the No. 2 spot does play a major role, but apart from that I had my fair share of experiences trying to catch my favourite team in action.

Painful dental treatments, maddening college submissions, bets with Mumbai Indians fanatic friends, University exams...I've braved them all. smile To begin with, the 7:30pm dental appointments for a root canal, annoyingly coincided with the days the Royal Challengers played.Little did I know that my doc was a die hard Dada fan, hence the RCB omission. Then the projects/files submissions,every engineering student dreads them, too failed act as a deterrent. Each time Jumbo and Co. won in the league stage and upped their semifinal chances, I had a great time basking in RCB glory while my MI supporter friends went green with envy. wink Then the University exams which unfortunately spanned over a month while the IPL was on. With my text books in the deep and me glued to SET Max at the slips, my folks had a tough time wondering what was in store for me. Even after the presentation ceremony was over, hour long analysis as to what could have wrong or what clicked for the team, with my RCB loyalist dad and heated arguments with my MI supporter sibling (who always felt RCB matches were rigged) kept me away from books. Somewhere past 1am, with the victory/loss finally sinking in , the 'Oh i got my exams' syndrome creeping in , I used to finally make way for my books burning the midnight oil. Ah...getting all nostalgic now.

With IPL 2010 on the cards... bigger and better, thanks to RCB FFC, cant wait to don the Red and Gold jersey and watch them take
over the unfinished task, from the ravenous runners ups to coveted champs.

P.S. Would love to know your RCB experiences. Do leave them as comments.

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